AIMT believes in providing superior professional and technical preparation by
offering students modern technology equipment and methods of study, which
will enable them to achieve their career goals.

We are an institution of higher education offering quality programs that
integrate general education, professional skills, and career-focused
education.  This training empowers students to develop and achieve their
personal and career potentials.

AIMT is institutionally accredited by the
Accrediting Bureau of Health Education
Schools (ABHES).  The institutional accreditation has been granted through
August 31, 2015, for all of the programs listed below.

We currently offer medical programs in the following fields of study:



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About us
American Institute of Medical Technology
American Institute of Medical
Technology (AIMT) was founded
in 2003 and offers vocational
educational programs that have
been specifically designed to
meet the growing need for
specialized training in medical
imaging and other medical
technology fields in the greater
Tulsa, Oklahoma area.  
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