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American Institute of Medical Technology
This Program is designed to
provide advanced training to
sonographers, medical doctors, and
other qualified health care
professionals who have the desire to
cross-train to expand their technical
skills. An echocardiographer explains
the echocardiography procedure to
the patients, and prepares him/her
for the examination and then
administers it. As part of the
echocardiogram the technician
obtains images in real time, performs
the necessary measurements on the
heart and its valves, and then
provides this information to the
cardiologist, who makes the best
possible diagnosis based on the
findings. This program prepares the
student to take the registry for the
RDCS credential and to perform
echocardiograms. This specialized
technical knowledge and training will
provide the student with the best
foundation for employment in the field
of echocardiography.