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American Institute of Medical Technology
Lynda Head RT, RDMS
Director of Diagnostic Medical
Sonography, Instructor

I am Program Director of Diagnostic
Medical Sonography at AIMT, with 29
years of experience in Radiology; 25
specifically in ultrasound. Early in my
career I obtained my Associate Degree
in Applied Science and became a
Registered Radiologic Technician. I later
returned to college to learn Sonography
and obtained my RDMS license in 1987.
I have worked at several hospitals on the
West Coast with several experienced
sonographers and radiologists and
have obtained a vast amount of
experience in ABD, OB/GYN and
Vascular Sonography. Today, I am eager
and proud to instruct students and
professionals. Ultrasound is a
wonderful, long-lasting career - the best
choice I have ever made!
Carol Samuels RVS, RDMS
Director Echocardiography Program,

I am the Director of the Echocardiography
at AIMT.  I graduted in 1993 with
a BA in Education and Theater from The
University of Tulsa.   I continued my    
education in the medical field, and July of
1997 co
mpleted a cardiovascular
nd program at Ultrasound
ostic Schools in Irving, Texas.  I
have worked with and been trained by
s in a facility ranked
nationally for its in
terventional services.  
During my career I
had the fortune to be a
co-clinical i
nstructor and work with
ound students attending schools in
the Tulsa area.  D
uring this time I found
great reward
and enjoyment   working
with the ultrasound students.  As part of
the AIMT team,   I
look forward to sharing
my knowledge
and experience with our
next generation of Sonographers.    
Sandra McConnell
Clinical Coordinator, Instructor

I’ve recently joined AIMT as the instructor for
the echocardiography program. My career in
the medical field started over 30 yrs ago.  After
a two year educational program in Health
Occupations, I worked with EKG, treadmill,
pacemaker and peripheral vascular
ultrasound at a major medical facility and their
mobile ultrasound service throughout
northeastern Oklahoma.  I was trained in
pediatric echocardiography by pediatric
cardiologists and was part of a team sent by
the hospital to train others in pediatric echo in
the Tulsa metro area.  Working in the
ultrasound field and echocardiography has
been a very rewarding career and I look
forward to sharing my experience with my