Meet the AIMT Alumni

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Meet the AIMT Alumni

Under the guidance of our experienced team, you will receive the highest level of instruction in medical imaging from professionals.

Laci Ketchum

What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Am I financially stable? How will I support a family someday? These are just 3 of the questions I started asking myself a few years ago. I started my research and after just a short time, much thought, preparation, and prayer I decided to apply to The American Institute of Medical Technology (AIMT). I can say it has been one of the best decisions I have made yet. My name is Laci Ketchum and I started AIMT in August of 2013. I was nervous, did not know anyone in my freshly put together class. I did not know how far I, personally, would make it as I never really gave myself much credit. After all, I was warned it would be tough, but I just knew I had to try my hardest and give it my all, right then, right there. I was going to do it! So, there I went. ... Read More


Janeece Hil

Graduating AIMT has helped set me on the exciting career path of echocardiography. After completing their 18 month program of combined ultrasound and echocardiography classes, I was able to get a job immediately and continue to work towards taking the echo registry. I felt the staff and instructors truly cared about helping us become successful in our careers. Almost a year after graduation I am still in touch with AIMT and they continue to let me use the schools’ resources to study and practice. I have also gained a wonderful group of friends, who are now all also working all across the state. With them I have developed an invaluable network of ultrasound professionals whom I never would have otherwise met. ... Read More


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